CSER - Carbon Engineering & Science Research - in the news....

24 Feb. 2009 "Utah May Become Home to Clean Carbon Energy" - Wendy Leonard, Deseret News

29 Jun. 2008 "Brian McPherson" - Conversations with Ted Capener, KUED, Salt Lake City

28 Jun. 2008 "Don't Limit our Toolbox to Fight Rising CO2" - Brian McPherson, Op. Ed., Salt Lake Tribune

25 Jun. 2008 "Carbon Sequestration Raises Liability Question" - Elizabeth Ziegler, KCPW

27 Feb. 2008 "Research Funding: Professor Studies CO2 Storage" - Lana Groves, Daily Utah Chronicle

29, Jan. 2008 "Carbon Capture and Sequestration Project to Help Rural Utah Economy" - Emery County Progress

13, Jan. 2008 "Process Would Make Coal Burn Cleaner" - Joe Bauman, Deseret Morning News

20, Nov. 2007 "Project Plans to Bury CO2" - Brian Maffly, Salt Lake Tribune

14, Nov. 2007 "There’s No Silver Bullet for Curbing CO2 Emissions" - Karen Imas, Capitol Comments

12. Oct. 2007 "U.S. Plan to 'Bury' Tons of Carbon Dioxide" - Associated Press, Deseret News

1, Feb. 2007 "U of U Researchers Hoping to Pump CO2 Underground" - John Hollenhorst, KSL Newsradio

Carbon Sequestration and Climate Change news...

22, Feb. 2009 "Ritter, Fellow Governors Ask Obama to Support 'Clean Coal' Technologies"" - Denver Business Journal

9, Jan. 2009 "Carnegie Mellon to unveil new sequestration plan" - Public Release, Eurekaler

7, Jan. 2009 "Making the case for carbon capture" - Emma Ritch, Cleantech Group

17, Nov. 2008 "MIT unlocking carbon capture and storage" - Emma Ritch, Cleantech Group

9, Jun. 2008 "Let's Just Call It 'Cap and Tax'" - Robert J. Samuelson, Newsweek

5, Jun. 2008 "CO2: They Should Bottle That Stuff" - Eric Roston and Bill Chameides, Time

May 2008 "False Hope: Why carbon capture and storage won't save the planet" - Emily Rochon, et. al., Greenpeace International

27 Mar. 2008 "The Clean Energy Scam" - Michael Grumwal, Time

5 Feb. 2008 "Science Targets Coal Impact" - Joe Bauman, Deseret Morning News

5 Nov. 2007 "It's Not A Silver Bullet" - Fahreed Zakaria, Newsweek

Jan. 2006 "North America – The Energy Picture II" - North American Energy Working Group Security and Prosperity Partnership Energy Picture Experts Group